When Addiction Strikes Working Professionals

professionals and addictionAddiction can strike any demographic of people, but the demographic of working professionals is a particularly vulnerable demographic to addiction. Busy working professionals face some heavy stress factors in their professions, and addiction is a common effect of these difficulties. Working professionals tend to carry a lot of professional weight singularly on their shoulders, tend to feel the burden of pressure and expectations, and tend to be fiercely independent and unlikely to reach out for help.

Working professionals typically endure the burdens of their jobs alone, often with no one to talk to about their work struggles. It is a very human trait to tell one’s self that everyone has burdens so there is no need to share yours with others, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Every person needs someone to talk to about their struggles in order to fully process them. When working professionals isolate themselves with their problems, they can set themselves up for levels of stress that lead predictably into addiction tendencies.

In the lives of working professionals, the pressure, expectations and consequences of professional actions are very high. The higher up the corporate ladder one is, the higher the stakes are. The pressure to outperform the competition is immense. The expectations on work performance are daunting. And the consequences of actions and decisions are very serious. One false move could lead to professional ruin. Living with the constant awareness of this can push a person past their limits and into the clutches of addiction.

And lastly, working professionals tend to be fiercely independent and look down on asking for help. Chances are they have long been used to fighting their way through life with diligent hard work and focus. It is not within their nature or their character to lean on others or reach out for help. While this can be a noble quality, it can also be a defect. There are times in life that call for letting others in to help with difficulties, and if one cannot see when these moments are, they will overburden themselves and end up wanting to escape through addiction.

The Life of a Home Business Operator

home business operatorOperating a home business is full of challenges and rewards. It takes a special kind of person to successfully run a home business. Not everyone is up for the monumental task of managing a home business. The level of responsibility on a home business operator’s plate is much heavier than that of someone simply working a position for someone else’s company. When a person is starting a home business, the roles that are generally divvied up among several employees all rest on their shoulders. Despite these challenges, a home business can offer a person independence and the realization of dreams.

In detail, some of the challenges that a home business operator faces are incredibly long hours, heavy financial expectations and enormous multi-tasking responsibilities. A new home business operator is in charge of all tasks and duties that are related to the work of their new business, which means they need to be working from sun up to sun down most days. New home business operators need to secure financing that will give them an initial operating budget, which sustains them until business begins rolling in. The difficulty is there is no way to anticipate exactly what business will be like, so finances are often extremely unpredictable. And the number of tasks a home business operator has to juggle is bewildering. In order to succeed, they need to manage the finances, inventory, orders, labor and production of their operation.

Though the challenges are many, those who successfully get a home business off the ground reap a great deal of reward from their efforts. Being a home business operator allows one to become their own boss and build a business based on a personal passion of theirs. As the CEO of your own home business, you decide when to work, when to vacation, how to allocate business funds and how to manage the staff below you. You answer to no one except the tax man, which is many people’s attraction to running a home business. You also have the opportunity to build a business that is a reflection of who you are and what you care about.

Home Business Stress and Addiction

home business stress addictionWhat is it about the home work environment that enables addiction? This is a trend among home business operators toward addictive tendencies that has left many wanting answers. Why does it seem that home business operators are prone to addiction? There is more than one possible answer. There is freedom and flexibility in working from home, but for addicts, working from home is enabling. Add that to the stress and pressure of working from home and you have a formula for addiction. The home is a comfortable environment, but for those who struggle with addiction, the home is also a place where addiction can be indulged.

When someone is addicted and working from home, ultimately they will ruin their lives. Their business will become unmanageable and out of control. Their professional reputation will be tarnished. Their business relationships will fall apart. The only way to save yourself from a serious addiction is by undergoing rehabilitation. Inpatient rehab has proven to be the most effective way of eradicating addiction through detoxification, psychological treatment, counseling and a healthy lifestyle. If you or someone you care about is a home business operator and is struggling with addiction, do not stand by and watch things unravel. Get in touch with a rehab specialist today to learn how you can recover your life.

Running your own business from home requires focus, energy, self-motivation, discipline and a knack for coping with stress. Without focus, self-motivation, discipline and energy, it is highly unlikely that a person can stay on top of the demands that come with operating a business from home. This stress of falling behind and losing control of the home business is usually what spawns addictive tendencies. People often experiment with addictive substances and behaviors as a self-diagnosed way of coping with stress. However, most people are unable to moderate and restrict themselves when it comes to addictive substances and behaviors so they end up abusing them instead.

Addiction Treatment for Home Business Operators

home business operator addiction treatmentRunning a business out of your home can be a stressful operation. All business endeavors, deadlines and responsibilities fall onto the business owner or owners, which is typically no more than two people. This can prove to be too heavy a load for the home business operator to carry, and one or both may begin to struggle with an addiction as they turn to substance abuse or addictive activities to alleviate stress. This behavior will eventually run the business into the ground and ruin the lives of those involved. Addiction is detrimental to those who work from home and requires the professional treatment of a residential treatment facility or drug and alcoholism rehabilitation.

In a residential rehab facility, clients begin their treatment by going through a detoxification, considering that they were abusing a substance. It is important that a detox is the first step in their treatment because it rids their bodies of toxins that will inhibit their physical health and ability to actively learn and grow. Also, an individual should never undergo a detox alone because some withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous to the person’s health.

Once finished with detox, the individual will begin psychological treatment involving counselors and treatment material that is familiar with the stresses on small business operators. Many treatment programs are conducted with a particular type of working professional or vocation in mind. This is effective because people of similar mind frames are drawn to similar vocations and face similar stresses within them, so materials and counselors who are familiar  with these mind frames and stresses will serve the addicted person better in their recovery. Individuals will receive individual counseling, group counseling, workbook exercises, readings, healthy food options, exercise regimens, therapeutic activities and a variety of recreations.

If you or someone you care about is a home business operator who is struggling with addiction, do not suffer alone. Reach out for help from a certified addiction treatment facility, and do not settle for a program that is not familiar with the hardships on business owners.

Working From Home and Struggling with Addiction

addiction and home businessAddiction is a phenomenon that plagues working professionals from every demographic, however, one group of professionals who can be particularly affected by addiction is home business operators. People who run a business out of their homes are statistically more likely to experience addiction than individuals working outside the home. Exactly why is somewhat of a mystery. Perhaps because they act as their own supervisors and do not feel accountable to an authority figure. Perhaps because the comforts of home, including the addictive substances contained within it and the potential for addictive activities within it are too tempting. Or perhaps because operating a home business is simply more stressful than working for a larger corporation.

When you work as your own supervisor, it can be a very freeing experience, but it can also leave certain people less accountable, even if only to themselves. Running a business from home ethically can be a challenge because the home has a complacent effect on people. Sometimes, the lack of supervision, interaction and coworker proximity of an office place keeps people accountable for their actions. Without those surroundings and relationships, some home business operators do not hold to their ethics and spend time indulging in addictive substances and activities when they should be working.

The home is the place where we are more private than anywhere else. Because people largely try to keep their addictions private, if someone has an addiction, chances are they practice it within their home, with few exceptions. Any number of addictive substances are found within the home, including alcohol, prescription drugs, street drugs and food. There are a number of rooms where one can indulge in a sex addiction, internet addiction, online gambling addiction and so on. The temptation to forego work to indulge in an addiction proves too strong for some people.

And lastly, running a home business can prove overwhelmingly stressful. The person, or couple, who is running the business oversees and operates every level of its operation. Some people take on additional staff, but most home businesses are run strictly by the people who live in the home. Home business operators need to be very focused and diligent in order to succeed. Those who are not frequently succumb to addiction in an attempt to cope with stress.

Addicted and Working from Home

addiction working from homeIt is not unusual for co-workers to be some of the first people to notice when a person is struggling with addiction and recommend that they seek help. Being afflicted with addiction naturally has a negative effect on a person’s work performance, and it is very difficult for a person to hide their addiction in the work place. But what about people who work from home? Most people who work out of their houses do  not have co-workers, and are frequently their own managers. For these people, the burden of fighting addiction falls on their shoulders that much more than it would if the person had workplace peers.

In today’s technological age, it is estimated that nearly 130-million people hold telecommuting jobs. Most large companies offer telecommuting positions and they are continuously increasing in popularity in the global job market. That is a large number of people working independently! Telecommuting has many benefits, but the individualistic nature of working this way can be a setback for people who are struggling with addiction. Co-workers and supervisors are people we are naturally accountable to. In the typical work environment, we are accountable to these people for 40-hours per week. When a person works alone, they are without this degree of peer support.

In addition, many people who work from home are managing their own business, which adds a huge amount of responsibility to an already solitary endeavor. Running a business can be overwhelmingly stressful, and sadly, many business owners turn to addiction and substance abuse to escape from work stress. Many people praise the working from home model, but it is undeniable that it is less social than the typical work model. For that reason, people who are struggling with addiction and working from home should take extra care to seek quality treatment and support for their condition to avoid irreversible life destruction. If you or someone you know is addicted and working from home, it is advised that you reach out to an addiction counselor or a professional rehabilitation facility for help.