Working From Home and Struggling with Addiction

addiction and home businessAddiction is a phenomenon that plagues working professionals from every demographic, however, one group of professionals who can be particularly affected by addiction is home business operators. People who run a business out of their homes are statistically more likely to experience addiction than individuals working outside the home. Exactly why is somewhat of a mystery. Perhaps because they act as their own supervisors and do not feel accountable to an authority figure. Perhaps because the comforts of home, including the addictive substances contained within it and the potential for addictive activities within it are too tempting. Or perhaps because operating a home business is simply more stressful than working for a larger corporation.

When you work as your own supervisor, it can be a very freeing experience, but it can also leave certain people less accountable, even if only to themselves. Running a business from home ethically can be a challenge because the home has a complacent effect on people. Sometimes, the lack of supervision, interaction and coworker proximity of an office place keeps people accountable for their actions. Without those surroundings and relationships, some home business operators do not hold to their ethics and spend time indulging in addictive substances and activities when they should be working.

The home is the place where we are more private than anywhere else. Because people largely try to keep their addictions private, if someone has an addiction, chances are they practice it within their home, with few exceptions. Any number of addictive substances are found within the home, including alcohol, prescription drugs, street drugs and food. There are a number of rooms where one can indulge in a sex addiction, internet addiction, online gambling addiction and so on. The temptation to forego work to indulge in an addiction proves too strong for some people.

And lastly, running a home business can prove overwhelmingly stressful. The person, or couple, who is running the business oversees and operates every level of its operation. Some people take on additional staff, but most home businesses are run strictly by the people who live in the home. Home business operators need to be very focused and diligent in order to succeed. Those who are not frequently succumb to addiction in an attempt to cope with stress.